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Should I leave?

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Should I leave?

I am thinking of leaving Plusnet  Cry due to moving house.  BT Unlimited deal looks good and is packed with features such as BT WI-FI which would be brilliant for me as I use my phone when i'm in town and at bus stop/station because the only WIFI there is commonly BTBussiness HUB 3 / BTWIFI so will provide internet access.  This will allow me to save on mobile phone data bills. and use the iPad.
I also get the feature Smart Talk where you can call using mobile and use home rates!
How come Plusnet not offer any of this? It would make good profit! Also did plsunet do this a few years back?
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Re: Should I leave?

This thread is going nowhere and is descending into abuse and digs at the poster.
I have removed all the replies and locked the thread.
I would remind all posters of this rule
Personal attacks
These are usually caused by discussions turning into serious arguments as mentioned above. Please think before posting anything that would be defined as this sort of attack. For example "Username is an idiot" Personal attacks, including those in personal forum messages or emails, are not welcome on these forums and will be dealt with firmly. As the moderators do not have access to personal forum messages or emails any action would only be in response to a specific complaint by the recipient.

To the original poster - make up your own mind