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Service bill

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Service bill

What does this extra charge mean. Got a email saying money will leave my account for my service?? Can you please help
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Re: Service bill


Details of the charge might help in getting you an answer.

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Re: Service bill

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Re: Service bill

@littlestu88  This sounds like the text in an e-mail informing you that your bill is ready.

Something like ..... 

We'll soon be taking a payment of £x.xx for your service. This will leave your account on or after 26th July 2021.

Why do you think it is an extra charge?

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Re: Service bill

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If you'd like to have a look at the email we sent you when you first initiated your contract with ourselves, you'll find details on the recent CPI price rise on there. These are to blame for the recent "extra charges" on your bill.

 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds