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Seeking assurance my phone won't be cut off

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Registered: ‎31-03-2020

Seeking assurance my phone won't be cut off

I've come to the community pages here because there's been no answer on Twitter @plusnethelp for over two hours; the online chat from the website isn't working (I've got no block on cookies); phone calls to 08004320200 aren't working.

I've had the "your phone calls are approaching the credit limit of £55" email.
There's no mechanism for topping up via the existing direct debit; when I try, it asks me for a card payment.
I've been with Plusnet for some time and I've never defaulted on a payment, you've got a direct debit mandate and you can take money off me whenever you're legitimately justified in doing so.
There's an international crisis and communications companies are bending over backwards to make accommodation for people who are needing to communicate more than is usual, but there's this email in my inbox telling me my phone's going to stop working.

So two questions:
1. What assurance can I have that my phone won't get cut off, despite the robust health of my bank account, my record of never defaulting, and the existence of your direct debit mandate?
2. What mechanisms exist for removing this credit limit entirely for the duration of the lockdown?