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Rip-off and lying about contract

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Rip-off and lying about contract

Is one of your rip-off liars around?

After months of problems with my internet connectivity (took my 5 minutes to get into the net right now), I've decided to switch to another provider.....

In doing so, I found out that you moved me from my around £20 per month contract to a rip-off £30 payment. Not one single notification. No email, nothing. 

Exactly what I read about Plusnet in relevant groups. WOW. Fact check.

It's bad enough having to pay £20 for your [-Censored-]ty service (no, I'm not going to use nicer or more elegant internet and just being told to buy myself another router is not just [-Censored-] it's real [-Censored-]). Contempt, not service. 

I've been with Plusnet for 4 years.....far too long, I agree....

Now, in looking for another provider, I find out that I could have super sensational high speed fibre broadband for what I'm paying for 2.5-5Mb????? 

No, not for me....just for new customers.....

I will never understand the attitude in this weird country to value new customers more than existing , let alone long standing  ones, in an extremely competitive environment.

The cherry on the cake is that you claim, I'm leaving Plusnet before the end of my contract? LIARS!

Quote: "Because you're moving your broadband and phone before the end of your minimum term it is important that you fully understand what early termination charges you will be subject to......"

You're shifting the goal posts. I know that my latest contract/agreement ran out in November. You didn't notify me, neither that my contract was coming to an end nor that you were going to impose a price hike....although I specifically asked when agreeing to renew my contract. 

Is it a Plusnet policy or just the typical Brexit Homeland approach? Let's take people are stupid and can be cheated upon?

How anyone can opt for Plusnet is (after my experience, including being called a liar by your "customer service" myself when I said I didn't have a main telephone box which proved to be the case, your engineer then installed a new BT box) beyond me.

You aren't even prepared to deal with existing customers. The last couple of times when trying to renew my contract as an existing customer I got a message from your system that "the chat wasn't available"....logging out and posing as a potential new customer then got me a chat assistant immediately......what does that say about you and your view on existing customers? Exactly! Contempt!

I will not pay any exit fees and may send a refund request for all the hours I could not access the internet, even dropping out in the middle of exams etc.

Do you proud......aye.....if you believe in unicorns.....which seems the running theme in Plusnet's part of the deluded world.



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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Rip-off and lying about contract

Hi @brennanthurston,


I'd suggest you find a copy of your original contract email, which included a discount for 12 of the 18 month contract. This is archived on the account so isn't easily accessible, but we can obtain it for you should you need it. This would have detailed the increase in price and that month that increase occurred. 


At the time of your contract being taken out we didn't offer end of contract notifications (actually no provider did), as of August 2018 we were one of the first to offer end of contract notifications to all new contracts, obviously that's of no consequence now as you've noted you're leaving. Unfortunately, these notifications didn't include contracts taken out prior to this date, I'm afraid. Up until then it was the customers responsibility to ensure they kept a record of when that was going to happen. 


The product you initially signed up for was an ADSL service, and we would have notified of the ability to upgrade to fibre but you've opted out of all marketing so are not able to - the onus on checking this would then be your responsibility, the ability to upgrade would be for anyone, not just new customers, although you wouldn't get any cashback deal that a new customer would receive. Technology availability isn't hidden and can always be located here should you ever need it. 


You can check your contract end date in the member centre which is displayed on the dashboard at the top right hand corner.


I can see based on your previous contacts on the forum and over Facebook, the most recent in December being this thread that we (and the wider community) tried to assist/offer some advice but it didn't go anywhere/there was no response to any questioning or testing. 


We're obviously sorry you've not had the best experience but wish you the best with your chosen new provider. If you'd like us to look into anything before you leave then please let us know. We'd be particularly interested in investigating the contact you had with us where one of our agents used language that called you specifically the word a "liar", spoke to you inappropriately, or in a rude manner. If you can please provide us an approximate date that happened and we can get this looked into internally and listen to any calls.