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Reward card Never Received

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Reward card Never Received

Hi, I signed up for plusnet and claimed my reward card. I have never received it. I've contacted Plusnet by phone and was told I had to contact the rewards card team (or some such department). I phoned them and was told that they can see it was sent but never used (presumably because I never received it) but that it's been over 3 months so it's my fault and I'm no longer entitled to it. I've logged onto my account to update the issue log with customer services and it's been closed and removed!!! As I never actually received the card this seems grossly unfair and I'm a bit fed up of being passed between departments (actually companies). Can anyone actually help?

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Re: Reward card Never Received

Hi, I am in a similar situation but haven't been able to claim my Mastercard yet. I placed my order during the January sale and this included £50 Mastercard. I have been connected now since 15th Feb (took a while due to technical difficulties with BT but this wasn't my fault) and still haven't had an email allowing me to claim Mastercard.
Can anyone help please? Thanks

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Re: Reward card Never Received

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Re: Reward card Never Received

I've upgraded to fibre broadband in the sale and. like you, have not had an email or a reward card.  Seems to be an ongoing lack of communication between Plusnet and the Reward Card company.  However, it does say in the first instance, to contact the latter - only to get referred back to Plusnet.  Question is - who is responsible at Plusnet to sort this kind of thing out?


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Re: Reward card Never Received

Hello SarahP. I've had a similar experience, where I was informed my card was sent out December 8th 2020, but I've never received it. Phoned card supplier early February, who suggested it may have been lost in post; they said they would send new one out and cancel old one. Still not received, and on phoning today 24/3/21 told my card was expired as it hadn't been used. How can I use it when I've never received it?Huh

Also had email from PlusNet helpline ([CSA Removed]) with a reply option, but that service has now been terminated permanently by the looks of it.

HELP!!     Can anyone in PLUSNET help with our enquiries?Huh

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