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Reward Cards/ Cashback

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Registered: ‎08-02-2021

Reward Cards/ Cashback

Hi - looking at these forum posts I can see that there are many issues around reward cards and cashback - from people not receiving the initial email, mixed messages around when the email should be expected and then still not receiving the cashback automatically even when it has been claimed.

Incentives such as £75 or £50 cashback really can sway our decision to sign up to a provider and it is really disappointing when it turns out that many hoops have to be jumped through in order to claim what has been promised.

I signed up last May to Plusnet and should have been in receipt of £75 cashback. Like others, I am in the situation where it is my word again Plusnet's that an email was ever received. I have emails in my inbox pre and post the time that apparently my reward email was sent. When I recently raised a question to ask why I didn't ever receive the email, the Plusnet team member said that I was sent it and basically indicated that I am lying.

Like many others I have been struggling due to the pandemic in both time and resources (financially, emotionally, physically etc). Despite trying to chase this up with Plusnet last summer I could never get through and did not have time to sit around waiting for them to answer the phone or for the online chat to be available.

I have come on this forum today just to express my disappointment really with Plusnet's response to me on this matter. I haven't shared the actual wording from the Plusnet team member here but I certainly felt it could have been kinder and more apologetic, even if I am not entitled to this money any longer. I have definitely been left feeling this is not a company I want to do business with again in future.