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Reward Card not received upon contract renewal

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Reward Card not received upon contract renewal

On 14 December 2020 I called to renew my Plusnet Broadband and I agreed to a 24 month renewal deal with a £75 reward card that was promised by the sales advisor.


According to this page I should have received an email within 28 days to register for the Reward Card but the email never arrived and I have checked my junk email folder as suggested. As I have now been waiting for 67 days, I assume there is a problem and the email won't be forthcoming.


I was specifically told that the reward card would not show on the contract form and that I would receive an email about it. As the call was recorded, please feel free to listen to the recording to confirm this if required.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Reward Card not received upon contract renewal

It’s probably worth calling 0800 432 0200 urgently because the cashback help guide says you got to claim within 2 months of the email being sent within 28 days.

Assuming the email was sent and just not received, I believe there’d be a time limit of 2 months before it expires. If you call to chase it up within that timeframe, they’ll likely be able to claim the cashback from their side.