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Reward Card - Issue with January 2023 Offer

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Registered: ‎16-02-2023

Reward Card - Issue with January 2023 Offer

Received my reward card and activated it. The amount on the card was £50 and not the £70 as advertised.

I spoke to customer support who confirmed this is a known issue and have added a £20 credit to my account.

The reason I am posting this is for reference for other customer.

All the Plusnet email I received when opening the new account did not confirm what the reward card offer was. I suspected the amount was wrong but could not find the January offer, as it had expired and been removed from Plusnet website, that would confirm this. I spent over an hour trying to find the information. I raise a complaint after I found a discount website promoting this out of date offer.

I raised the complaint more in hope than certainty that I was right.

If it is a known issue Plusnet should be actively correcting this issue with customer and not waiting for a customer to complain. Especially as it is very difficult to confirm that there is an issue.