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Restrictions on account - Can't even access plusnet website.

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Restrictions on account - Can't even access plusnet website.



A while ago I requested to change the payment date of my service as the current date is not sustainable for me. I've checked on this ticket a few times to note it's been pushed back for a few months.


The time has come again for the payment to be due, however, this has not been paid and I've received restrictions, I've called up twice to have these taken off my account to which I was told they have been, however, I still am restricted, I should have a 14 day grace period and when I can pay it, I can't even access the website to pay it because of these restrictions.


Can these please be removed ASAP. 

In future, it would be a lot easier if you didn't restrict the very website we control our accounts from. It's so bizarre to me I have to call up every month, wait on hold for 30mins to remove a restriction, wait 4 hours for it to take effect then pay my bill.


I've had an email from my ticket asking if I'm happy with the 28th as the new date of my payment. However, again, I cannot access the ticket because of these restrictions.

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Re: Restrictions on account - Can't even access plusnet website.

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