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Restricted access AGAIN

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Restricted access AGAIN

I don’t know why you continue to apologise for the lack of the splash screen because it’s clearly a deliberate tactic to force people to cough up their cash. My internet is dreadful at the best of times, it’s impossible to watch films or even YouTube videos because it’s constantly buffering, but my direct debit bounced a couple of days ago as my payroll at work messed up my wages and now I’m left without internet. Yes it’s absolutely awful but it says I should pay within 14 days to “avoid restrictions”... why do you bother saying that, when I’ve been restricted since day 1 of the failed payment??! My contract is over with plusnet and I’m in the process of switching to virgin media. I’m unable to make the payment until Tuesday as that’s apparently when my wages will reach my account, so can you kindly remove these restrictions which shouldn’t even be in place yet anyway? And spare me the apologies - you know exactly what you’re doing and I think it’s utterly ridiculous. Especially when it’s half term and my kids can’t even watch a film on Netflix now.
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Re: Restricted access AGAIN

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