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Request for payment for a bill that has been paid

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Registered: ‎22-10-2014

Request for payment for a bill that has been paid

There was something wrong with the direct debit that was set up on my account. Bank had no knowledge of it. Paid the months charge on the phone through my debit card. Got the bank transaction to prove it. Every time i sign into my account, I get a demand for payment page. Phoned them up. Advisor said payment still hasn't been made. I REFUSE TO PAY TWICE FOR THE SAME MONTH!!!!!! Seems like will get disconnected at some point because Plusnet want twice the amount it asks for. I rely on the internet because I am disabled and do all my grocery shopping online. Giving plusnet 24 hours to get their act together or am going to find a RELIABLE internet provider!!!!!!
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Re: Request for payment for a bill that has been paid

Good afternoon disgruntled2014,
I'm really sorry to hear about the problem you've had with the billing duplicate.  I can see that you spoke to someone this morning and that the billing team have since removed the additional balance so you are fully up to date up to your next invoice.  It looks like it was a system glitch after the initial payment was taken manually rather than going through the system properly.  This was our responsibility and I'm sorry that it was a source of frustration for you.
I hope that there are no further difficulties in relation to this but if you've any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Warm regards