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Renewing contract

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Renewing contract

The first I realised that my contract needed renewing was when I noticed the Direct Debit payment had risen.Happened to a friend as well at about the same time Apparently it was my responsibility as Plusnet staff didn't have time to inform customers that their contract was up. Not perhaps the right way to make friends and influence people, helping yourself to people's money without a by your leave. Is it even legal?

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Re: Renewing contract

If you subscribed to one of the special deals like I did, then the contract does state what the monthly charge will increase to at the end of the contract period. I do agree that out of courtesy they could have sent a reminder though, my energy company and insurers always do this and then I can re-negotiate a better deal.

There are tons of super deals with other ISP's so it would be in their interest to keep customers informed.

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Re: Renewing contract

I prefer to keep a note on my calendar which is synced with my phone and tablet rather than rely on a reminder from companies as letters and emails can go missing or get overlooked.


I usually set a reminder for 1 month and then 2 weeks before the contract runs out.

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Re: Renewing contract

Of course it's legal.  They aren't allowed to auto-renew contracts.  Instead, you are given a discounted deal for a fixed period, then the discount ends and you pay the standard price.


It's then up to you to decide what to do when the fixed period deal comes to an end.

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Re: Renewing contract

Has your contract ended or is it just your reduced price (or free) offer?  Some offers have been for free broadband for the first 12 months of an 18-month contract, i.e. your charges would increase after a year but you'd still be in contract for another six months.

Looking on the bright side:  If you are not happy with PN, the end of your contract means you can leave free of charge.