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Renewing Line Rental Saver

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Renewing Line Rental Saver

Hi,  I've just received the Email inviting me to renew my Line Rental Saver for a further 12 months for £197.88.  It states that if I do not renew, then monthly line rental will be charged at £18.99.


Hpwever your offer to new customers states a monthly line rental of £17.99


Aldo your offer to new customers is £17.99 per month inclusive of broadband ie no charge for the broadband service. whereas  I currently pay an additional £4.00 per month for  my broadband. 


Can you clarify this charging discrepancy please before I commit to renewal

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Re: Renewing Line Rental Saver


The £17.99  is a new customer offer currently running for ADSL for the next few days only by the looks of it.

Normal Line rental is supposed to be £19.99 now, seems they are offering you a discount to £18.99 as an existing customer.

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Re: Renewing Line Rental Saver

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Re: Renewing Line Rental Saver

Hi @GrahamF Line Rental Saver is designed to give our customers a £30.00 per year saving. Your broadband contract is a different thing with a different drop and start date. You can view this online on the Member Centre.

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