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Renewal prices query, with several months still left on contract

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Renewal prices query, with several months still left on contract

Hi everyone

I am on an 18 month contract (broadband, line rental and call package), with 9 months left.
Old price per month was £38.27, and now seemingly increasing to £46.40 per month with the April price  rises:



I was interested to see what was under the "Offers and Upgrades" section:



Please could someone help me understand the process above:

1) I still have 9 months left to go on the existing contract, and am I correct to assume that Plusnet will let me renew now for 18 months at a much cheaper price? It seems early to be offered a renewal - and wasn't sure if this was a glitch in the system, or a genuine offer.

2) I assume the £26.99 value above is just for my broadband. If I click on "Renew Contract", will it then take me to call plan options on a seperate screen, before anything is finalised? Or will it just immediately renew the broadband part of my deal.

3) Do you know if the £26.99 includes the phone line rental - or would that be covered seperately under the call plans?

If anyone can offer me any guidance, I would grateful. 
I am scared to click the "Renew Contract" button, not knowing if it will let me also review call plan options before finalising anything.

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Re: Renewal prices query, with several months still left on contract



Firstly I suggest that you read this thread:

There seems to be an issue with the new prices (following the 31 March price increase) shown on some customers' Dashboards. In your case the figures that you give indicate an increase greater than 14.4% as I would expect your new price to be £38.27 plus 14.4% = £43.78 and not the £46.40 indicated.

Nevertheless the renewal price offered of £26.99 does represent a saving. That £26.99 will include line rental but not the call package at £11.76. Therefore the total is £38.75 which is still a reasonable saving.

To answer your points, :

1. I have seen another post where someone has taken up such an offer but they rang the Customer Options Team 0800 013 2632 (as they had the same doubt as you) and the COT honoured the offer but only for a 24 month contract. 

2. If you go down the on line route the next screen should allow you to keep or amend your call plan. Only after that do you agree to the recontract. You will also have an option to have a Hub 2 router at £6.99 for p & p.

3. The £26.99 should be the price for the fibre extra including line rental.

Good luck.