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Renewal price for new account

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Renewal price for new account

My BB contract expires in a few weeks and I was given a renewal price. I am intending to move the BB account over to my partners name as I don't live at the same address full time any more due to work commitments in another part of the country. 


The new customer deals have gone up slightly and are more than the renewal price I was offered. Basically, I'd like for my partner to take out a contract for BB at the renewal deal price I was offered. The actual difference in price is not that much, but the idea of paying more per month, plus another activation fee (and a lower reward card amount) bothers me. I contacted retentions who said they couldn't do it and if my partner were to take out a contract it would have to be at the new customer prices. 


I understand these new customer deals change all the time and will likely go down again but I need to get it sorted soon before I'm out of contract and the price shoots up.

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Re: Renewal price for new account

@Dan92 You will get a better deal keeping it in your name, if you speak to customer retention team you can usually get even better deal than what a new customer is offered as long as you shop around and give plusnet a competing providers deal to beat. I got them to match a deal from NOW TV two weeks ago and they agreed to do it 40/10 Unlimited fibre and anytime calls £25 a month for 2 years, same deal for new customers is £32.99 a month.