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Renew Contract

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Renew Contract

Hi, I am a Unlimited Fibre Extra customer on an 18 month contract that ends on 4 September 2020, in my online account you’ve made me an offer to renew my contract for another 18 months but I have a few questions : -


Would this new 18 month contract start now or run from the end of my existing contract?

Would my billing and direct debit dates remain the same as now?

Would I be expected to make any payment by debit card when I place the order, like I did when I originally joined Plusnet and paid for the first month by Debit Card?


Many thanks, M.

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Re: Renew Contract


Hi @MC22


Thanks for your query!


When applying a new contract to an account for the same products, the new contract would take effect as of the next billing date. The billing date wouldn't be changed.


You wouldn't need to make a payment upfront as there aren't any initial fees for a new contract, the direct debit payment would just continue as normal.


I hope this provides the required clarification, but please do let us know if you have any further questions!

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 Katie C
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