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Refund for inital payment

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Refund for inital payment

I'm furious, I signed up to plusnet broadband on on the 12th of February. However when the account was created they gave me the wrong deal so was advised to cancel my account and open a new account, so I did as I was told and cancelled it. I was told my refund would return back into my account within 10 days of pre signup it's been over a month and I have not received a refund. I called back again last week and was told because of the new billing system the refund will be issued as a cheque which is complete utter nonsense. I explained to the advisor the upfront payment was made by a friend and therefore should be returned into their account as they have been expecting it in their account for over a month. Since speaking I have not heard back from plusnet in regards to the refund. I'm having to chase up this refund on a weekly basis. I'm a busy person. The customer service is atrocious. Plusnet are supposedly the best provider due to their customer service. However the service I have received is disgusting your happy to take my money but I have to fight for you to return my money. I'm hoping to get some sort of compensation back
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Re: Refund for inital payment

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Re: Refund for inital payment

Sorry to see the problems.


Can you please PM both account usernames so we can take a look at this for you?

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