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Refund for engineer

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Refund for engineer


We just moved into a new flat that has two of those plugs you need for the broadband and phone. We wanted to get a router set up and get started but they said they had to send an engineer out to check the line. That was going to cost £49.99. Surprisingly, a company that we were going to go with, activated our line virtually (suspicious) and said it was active and ready to go. So no need for the engineer, right?

I called plus net and cancelled the engineer and requested the money back. They said the money would either go into our account or we would get a cheque. He said he would send an email and let us know. He didn’t email us and it’s been almost ten days. We have no idea how we get that money back- we don’t wanna call and be on the phone for an hour to find out. He did send me emails with no mention of the money- but I can’t respond. What next? I also haven’t received my credit details yet.

Is there something I should know?
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Re: Refund for engineer

Sounds like you cancelled in good time if they agreed a refund although rather puzzled about sending a cheque out. Who uses those these days? Even cash is becoming a rarity. 

Hope you get what's due. 

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Re: Refund for engineer

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Re: Refund for engineer

This isn’t an answer?
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Re: Refund for engineer


PlusNet moderator has simply moved your thread to the correct area of the forum where you are more likely to get a response to your question.