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Referral problem

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Referral problem

I referred someone via the member centre (email) a couple of weeks ago so the record is there for all to see.
When the lady signed up, unaware of the Force 9 branding and not noticing the drop-down list she put in my username but of course it was returned not found because it was searching the Plusnet user database.
I telephoned and the person to whom I spoke in CS understood straightaway what had happened and said he would pass it on to the relevant department and the referral would be added to my account.
Remembering that I had sent the lady an email, I sent in a ticket to point this out as confirmation of the claim.
The referral has not been added to my list and now I have an email back to say that she has to raise a ticket stating that I was the referrer.
As she is new to Plusnet I would imagine that she will not yet have found her way to Raise a Ticket (it is rather circuitous).
I can't see why she has to do this anyway since there is documentary evidence that I was the referrer and the mistake that she made is pretty obvious.
Anyone?  Huh
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Re: Referral problem

If the referrer's username wasn't entered correctly (including ISP) then it's not recorded at all. As we are modifying the referred customer's account, we need to confirm that we have their authority by requesting that they raise a ticket.
As an aside, they could also give us a call.