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Referral discount

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Registered: ‎26-11-2014

Referral discount


I've recently agreed to renew my PN contract for a further 12 months. At the point of renewing I asked the person on the phone if the 'referral' would continue, I was told categorically that it would (as it had done previously when I renewed). Checking my bill today the referral hasn't been applied, exactly the same happened last time I renewed too !

I appreciate that this is a small saving (£1.25) but it's the principle of PN not being able to set the account up accurately for the second time that annoys me. Last time this happened it went on for about four months, every month I would ring up, the credit would be applied and then the next month I would then have to ring again as it happened been processed !

Please can this be investigated......and permanently fixed ?