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Referral discount not applied.......again !

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Referral discount not applied.......again !


In honesty I've had nothing but issues with billing over the last 4 months, a complete shambles.

I've summarised below - 

I've been with Plusnet for years.

Plusnet then accidentally cancel my account !

New account gets set up.

I then get charged £200 (which is taken from my account) as an early termination charge.

Plusnet then tell me due to the size of the credit they can't refund it quickly.

I then wait weeks for the £200 !

My next bill arrives - No referral credit.

I then ring Plusnet and they say there is a problem with the billing system......this will be sorted !!

Next month - no referral ! 

I then ring Plusnet who issue me a credit and tell me it's all sorted.

This month I get the credit..........but no referral !

Is it really that hard to sort out a £1.25 referral each month on my account ?Huh

In honesty the £1.25 is not a big issue.........but the fact the Plusnet can't get it sorted is.

Please can this be sorted ???!!



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Referral discount not applied.......again !

Thanks for getting in touch @robquick I'm sorry to see what has happened and you're missing your referral credit as a result. Unfortunately when re-adding the referral, the system would treat this as a new referral as opposed to an existing referral and if we're past the 90 day window from when the account was signed up, it likely won't allow us to re-add the referral. 

This is under investigation however as a workaround in the interim, I'd suggest we add a recurring discount to cover the missing referral credit, which we'd manually renew if that referral is still with us/meets the rules on referring.

Leave this with me to look into further tomorrow and arrange.

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 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team