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Reduced service. Cannot access

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Registered: ‎01-04-2020

Reduced service. Cannot access

So yesterday morning I was told my dd failed (on 22 March)and if I failed to pay in 14 days my services would be reduced. I IMMEDIATELY 31/03/20 went on to check, and indeed, my dd had failed. So, I set up a new one. Figured that would solve it, and indeed got another mail saying I had set it up. Internet then started to go flakey.

Later yesterday I was unable to get to at all and some other sites. I went on 4G this morning and could, where I also paid by CC. That payment is showing as pending, my new DD has not been activated at my bank as yet, o I sit here with 2 kids meant to be home schooling and limited access.

No one answers the phone and there is no solution. Can anyone help?


And by the way 14 days are not up from the 22nd and they only told me on the 31st..



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