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Re: Why.....

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Re: Why.....

Why oh why, indeed!


I gave notice to leave Plusnet on 25th June 2021, the first day of my renewal cooling-off period (ie within the first 24 hours of 14 days). This was after having been sent a bill that was different to what had been promised and dissatisfaction experienced, on various levels. It was acknowledged by customer care, in writing, by the gentleman I had spoken with.

We will give you 30 days to transfer to another provider free of charge. Kind regards,  [CSA Removed]

 Late that night I also had the dubious pleasure of receiving an email ‘signed’ by [CSA Removed], informing me that I would incur early termination charges of £121.35.

Next day I called customer services and, again, was assured I was not liable for these charges:

Thanks for calling,as discussed I can confirm that you are free to leave without any early termination fee's, you were also given 30 days to find another provider.Kind regards, [CSA Removed] 

My final payment was duly taken on 2nd July.  My broadband was taken over (as notified, agreed and acknowledged) by my new provider on 9th July.  

On 1st August, I received a bill notification - to be taken ‘on or after 9th August.  This time for £113.08.  So, in fear (and some disbelief), I cancelled my direct debit - although Plusnet actually owed me a refund for the part of the paid for final bill I had not used.


On 1st August, I wrote to CEO, [CSA Removed] - as I could NOT log-on to Plusnet, no longer having an account.  Several days later, not having received any acknowledgement, I escalated the matter to Resolver.  To date, there has been no response that way either.


 On 4th August, I also spoke with [CSA Removed], in customer services, who listened patiently and kindly, categorically assuring me that I would NOT have to pay and assured me that she was writing to billing.  Confirmed by email, to me:

thankyou for your call today, as discussed on on the call I have emailed the billing team in regards to your termination fee. the oustanding bill will not have to be paid. Kind regards,  [CSA Removed]

Then, at 3.59am, today I received a threatening email, again ‘signed’ by [CSA Removed] to say that a debt collection agency would be used to pursue me, if a payment of £113.08 was not made within 14 days abd this morning a text demanding payment.

This is an utterly horrendous, unacceptable way to treat an honourable (ex) customer who has done all that was required. I have more proof from customer service calls/emails to prove that I am NOT liable but have already written at great length here…


Will this ever be resolved?  Will I ever receive an apology?  How many others have suffered upset, time-wasting, exasperation and sleeplessness as a result of errors like this?



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Re: Why.....

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Re: Why.....

Hi @Ak3,

I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. I can see that you since spoken with our High Level Escalations Team and that this is being looked into. I hope things progress smoothly, however if you have any further queries or issues that you would like to raise then please don't hesitate to get back in touch and we'll be happy to assist.

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Re: Why.....

Had a similar experience - was promised I wouldn't be charged a cancellation fee then charged £120 a week later

I think some of the Plusnet call center agents say that they will waive the termination fee just to get you off the phone.

I hate the amount of time I have wasted on phone calls with Plusnet

I hate the stress Plusnet have caused me

I hate Plusnet