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Re Pricing and Terms

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Re Pricing and Terms

Hi, I posted this question in the Announcements area, didn't know if that was the correct area so pasted the question and comments here.
          I've read some of the posts but have not received any email yet, first I have heard of this price rise to date, my question is, I'm on Broadband only Unlimited, I changed up from essentials a few months ago, I have BT line, will this rise in price affect me?  Plusnet seem to be attracting new customers with low offers and making the deficit up by raising prices for current customers  ( The BT Way).
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Re: Re Pricing and Terms

Low cost short term offers to attract customers is ineviatable when a market for a product gets saturated.
I'd guess by now most of those who can get broadband will have got it.
So there are very few genuine brand new customers moving up from dialup/nothing.
All the costs are much the same across the industry so in theory all the broadband prices should be the much the same.
So the only way to grow the business and get "new" customers is now to poach them from other ISP's
Unlike say choosing which airline/bus company for a single flight/journey there are time/aggro/future aspects etc factors for a customer to consider in swapping their broadband supply.
So the only way to get more customers is to offer them a sufficiently attractive deal to make it worth that time/aggro etc in swapping to you - at the expense of the existing customers.