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Re: I wish to leave plusnet!

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Re: I wish to leave plusnet!

Yes. I would like to leave Plusnet too but I can't seem to get anyone to understand why

Since signing up with Plusnet I have had a very poor unreliable internet connection prone to multiple drop outs. On the rare occasion when I have had an internet connection the broadband speed has not been fit for purpose and significantly below the 0.75 advised by Plusnet. A test this morning at 08.45am shows download of 0.13 and upload of 0.32. I have carried out regular speed tests and today's is typical. It is the case that there has been a problem with my land line. Openreach engineers have been out 4 times in the last 2-3 weeks and have not yet fully identified or fixed the problem.It is my view that there is an issue with one of their junction cabinets which floods every time it rains. When it rains both my phone line and internet connection become unusable. Openreach engineers seem reluctant to consider this possibility. Even when my landline is working my broadband speeds are not fit for purpose.I am therefore formally requesting that I be released from my Plusnet contract without penalty. I have consulted Offcom and their advice is as follows:


Providers must give customers the option to be released from their contracts without penalty, within the first 3 months of service, if they receive an maximum line speed that is significantly below the bottom of the estimated range and the ISP has not been able to resolve the problem. Don't be afraid to change ISP if it underperforms.


I have also been advised that I qualify for the BDUK subsidy scheme with the option to have satellite broadband installed. It will be my intention to pursue this but I cannot afford to do this if I have to continue paying Plusnet for a service I am not getting.

I look forward to a positive response without undue delay. Thank you. Robert Stefani

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Re: I wish to leave plusnet!

This is a community forum.  Have you actually tried contacting Plusnet directly and telling them that you wish to leave because the speed is below what was promised?


And if you have, raise a complaint.

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Re: I wish to leave plusnet!

Hi there @rabbie68 I am really sorry to hear you're thinking of leaving us and of the fault you've been through with your service. I've tested your line and I can see this is still banded as a result of the recent phone fault.


I've reset your line now. Please can you reboot your router in at least/about 4 hours time and let us know how you get on?

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