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REFUND for 2 modem(s) and extra broadband charge £5 :(

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Registered: ‎15-10-2012

REFUND for 2 modem(s) and extra broadband charge £5 :(

I recently moved premises ( 6 months ago) and my BT home hub stopped working even though I used it before on my plusnet account when I phone I was told that I needed to purchase a modem from plusnet which I did and I'm still having problems with my wireless broadband ever since, I phoned plus net again and before I did I made sure I did  everything possible before complaining again (change the position, micro filters the channels everything.... I was told the the modem was faulty and was sent a replacement. Sadly the replacement modem does not work either with wireless and I have no idea why, I'm now using my own modem and its working perfectly. I would like Plus net to take back both the modems and also put me back on my monthly contract (not yearly) and refund any charges I have incurred . Also I've been charge £5 for extra broadband this month but my re-set date and extra £5 charge is on the same day? I would like a refund of the £5 and also a refund due to the  cost of my time and money to get my broadband working on wireless myself. Can a member of customer services email me with a reply to my questions as soon as possible. Thank you.
Plusnet Alumni (retired) chrispurvey
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Re: REFUND for 2 modem(s) and extra broadband charge £5 :(

Hi Sad,
Thank you for taking your time to post on here and welcome to the community.
I have updated your ticket that you have raised with us.
Feel free to reply to either one or both, I will pick it up.