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Question about upgrading to fiber.

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Question about upgrading to fiber.

I am currently an ADSL user and I am considering upgrading to one of the fiber/phone packages. However, I have a small question. We currently have a landline with BT. Now the broadband is in my name but the BT landline is in my wifes name. Would this cause any problems for me to upgrade to a fiber/phone line package?

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Re: Question about upgrading to fiber.


Have you checked what's available to you. Use the following. Apart from anything else it would tell you expected speeds.


I believe the answer to your upgrade query is Yes, it will affect the BT landline in your wife's name. You'll have to termiate her account with BT (incurring any early termination charges) or move your Broadband to BT under your wife's name (with you incurring any early termination changes).


PN FTTC requires a landline account in your name.



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Re: Question about upgrading to fiber.

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Re: Question about upgrading to fiber.


@Airport @bmc - Hi, just to clarify, the name of the account holder won't matter in terms of us taking over the line help by BT or any provider for that matter. We would process a request with BT to move the line and number to Plusnet, the account holder of BT has 14 days to stop the transfer request if it was placed in error. The account being in your wife's name doesn't form part of any checks when we process the transfer it’s purely based on the address. 


You would want to make sure that you’ve both considered any contractual issues with BT like early termination charges like Brian said however. Hope this helps.


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