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Question about my Bill after upgrading to Fibre Extra

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Question about my Bill after upgrading to Fibre Extra



I recently upgraded from Fibre Unlimited  (40/10) to Fibre Extra Unlimited (80/20), I saw the deal on the website where it was £27.99 inc. line rental, so I called to see if I could get it and was told I could and so we upgraded, I was paying £5 a month on top of my bill for a New Line Activation that I couldn't afford in one payment so has been spread across my bills, previously I was paying £24.99 for Fibre Unlimited (40/10) + £5 = £29.99 - I signed up to Fibre Extra Unlimited on the basis I would be paying £27.99 + £5 = £32.99 and had this confirmed during the call/upgrade.


can someone please confirm this is the case as my new bill is slightly higher AND I brought the Payment Due Date forward by almost 2 weeks which would normally lower the next bill?


I'm not paying more than what I agreed at so I would like someone to go over my bill as I can't make head nor tail of it.


It says Line Rental of £11.64 was refunded and charged at £13.48..?  why would I be paying MORE line rental when all I have upgraded is my broadband? the new service has been live 12 days and according to the bill below I've been refunded next months Line Rental and Fibre Unlimited then charged two different amounts of money for line rental for next month ...??? line rental is supposedly £18.99 and doesn't change in respect to your broadband package, I can't figure out this bill


can someone from Plusnet please confirm that bill is correct and that I will be paying £27.99 + £5 a month going forward? as that's what I signed up for



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Re: Question about my Bill after upgrading to Fibre Extra

Hi @snadge,

Thanks for getting in touch.


I am very sorry to hear about the erroneous invoice you have received and I apologise for the confusion this has caused you. I have looked over the account and created a complaint ticket here with further information.