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Promotion.. How long for?

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Registered: ‎09-06-2007

Promotion.. How long for?

I have some new referrals on their way.
One wont be able to get the service for a couple of weeks since they dont want to use a credit card and so there will be 2 waits. one for the direct debit to go through and one for the connection
Another customer is away for a month and definitely wants it when they get back.
It seems that with most people theres one reason or another for delaying so unless the promotion goes on for a month or two many will lose out on the rewards
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Re: Promotion.. How long for?

As long as the sign up is placed before the Referral Promotion has ended then the bounty will be offered.  We're also currently looking into subsequent promotion, so people won't necessarily miss out if they sign up too late for this one.