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Product change in progress

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Product change in progress

I have this message on my account and have had for 10 months .

I wish to change product the customer support said I could only do this by setting up a new account 

Is this correct?

I have been with plus net for years I upgraded to fibre 10 months ago this has been a problem since then.


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Re: Product change in progress

Not sure if that's similar to the issue I had with these guys.

I wanted to upgrade my FTTP to a higher speed as it was running at well below 20Mbps and causing real problems with video calling and was told I would have to close and then open up a new account first.

All sounded rather daft, so I ended up going over to BT and am now getting no less than 50mbps, no problem with video calling, and a BT Smart Hub 2 giving excellent and uninterrupted wifi coverage.

Sorry Plusnet, but apart from the extra charge, what's not like?

Sure I'm paying more per month, but I told Plusnet I was willing to do that as well but nope, had to change provider.


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Re: Product change in progress


Welcome to the forums

I think the answer is yes and no. Depends I think on why it is stuck. If it is due to billing then its likely they will need to transfer you to a new account, but with all your current email address etc transferred. PlusNet are doing exactly that for me at the moment due to an ongoing billing issue.

But Plusnet staff should be able to clear the message in some cases.

I think this post really needs to be in 'My account' part of the forum to be better picked up by PN staff.

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Re: Product change in progress

Don't know if you did, @wakeman , but I've just requested a board change.

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Re: Product change in progress

That's three of us then. 😉

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Re: Product change in progress

I think the 'new' billing system is celebrating its 2nd birthday about now.  Anyone sent cards and cuddly toys?

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Re: Product change in progress

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