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Print all Contract Terms Documents

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Print all Contract Terms Documents

I couldn't see a way to print off all the contract terms when I was studying them prior to purchase, so I had to read all those thousands of pages on screen, clicking back and forward between cross references across the various documents. Pretty damn annoying.



I presume we're not supposed to want to read them.


Does anyone know how to print them off?



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Re: Print all Contract Terms Documents

There is a way but it's a pain...

I use Google and in the settings you can zoom out till the full page shows on screen. Having done that, if you scroll down the settings you will see 'Print'..or if you go into 'More Tools' you will see 'Save Page As'. I don't know which browser you use but that's how I got mine to print. If you go the zoom out route you can do a screen grab.

If you go the route of 'Save Page As' can number the pages (e.g. Page 1..Page 2 etc.) and print the whole lot off.  Thumbs_Up

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Re: Print all Contract Terms Documents

Hi there and welcome to the community forums.


If you expand the drop down boxes on the Terms and Conditions page, you should be able to print them off in one swoop.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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