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Pricing disparity and poor value

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Pricing disparity and poor value

So here's the thing. I am currently on Unlimited Fibre Extra and according to Plusnet I should be getting download speeds in the region of 66Mb. In reality, I am more often getting around 22Mb. For this stunning level of service, Plusnet have just increased my direct debit from £24.99 to £28.59 per month, mid contract. 


Lo and behold, I'm watching Channel 4 tonight and ad for Plusnet pops up, and they are offering FTTP from £24.99. Hang on Plusnet, I can't even get FTTP where I live and BT Openreach haven't got any upgrade plans for my area. So I would like to know why my bill has been increased.


I am seriously considering leaving Plusnet now because I really don't think I'm getting good value for money. I just wonder if anyone else is feeling the same way.

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Re: Pricing disparity and poor value

Your bill has increased by 14.4% because when you agreed to the 24 month contract at £24.99 pm, the contract included a clause where price would increase by CPI + 3.9% from 31st March of each year. 

As this is written into the contract, you also lose the right to terminate the contract without paying early termination fees. (allowed by Ofcom)

Plusnet price rise clause is no different to other major ISPs excluding Sky.  Virgin will be adopting same price rise clause from 2024 onwards.  Unfortunately, no one expected CPI would exceed 10%.

All I can suggest is you check Offers page in your Plusnet dashboard or call Customer Options team to see if they can lower the bill but it means committing to a new 24 month contract.

With regards to your actual broadband speed, there may be a line fault which requires investigation.



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