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I was not informed that my contract had ended ,subsequently my bill has increased by £9.99 per month.

Customer options were unable to help . Not concerned when I said I would have to shop around. He said the £50 cash back had ended, but I have seen it is still avaiable on some sites. I have been with PN for 7 years and never had a problem. Time to go. Very disappointed.

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Re: Price

Likewise, I have just received notice that my monthly payment has increased from £21.49 to £28.22 without any explanation. A stunning 31% increase without prior notice- what is going on here?! If only my pension had increased by the same amount. After 15 years with PN I will have to consider leaving.

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Re: Price

For both of you, it seems that your contract has expired, and your on a month to month rolling contract now.


We've fed back on there being no comms when the contract expires before, to be completely blunt about it, it's likely that it's a commercial decision. I'm not sure if there's many companies that do (willing to be corrected on that), but either way it's worth keeping note of when your contract expires from sign up.


@BB - I can see that you've contacted our customer options team and they've offered you a retention. Apologies if this isn't as good as the original offer that you signed up with, however I wouldn't be able to improve on what was said from their side.


@genseeker - Have a chat with our customer options team on 08000132632 to see what they can offer.



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Re: Price

SSE always advise me when my fixed price deal comes to an end - however this isn't a special offer just the standard 12 month fixed

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Re: Price

Not out of their own free will though, it is  only because the regulator have told all energy providers to email/contact customers 49 days from when their fixed term plan ends.


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Re: Price

Just looking thru my list of "contracts", the only one that I don't get any communication on contract completion,is the broadband.

ALL the insurance deals, car breakdown cover,Sky TV, Utility cos.- all send a snail mail and/or email notices.

As previously posted,smells like a commercial decision to me - put the deal up to full price and see if the customer squeals!!