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Price increases and line rental saver

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Price increases and line rental saver

Hi All,
Like many people I am looking at the options to leave to my contract following the substantial price increases.
I have a question regarding the LRS how ever. I am about 3 months into a 2 year contract and paid my line rental up front for 12 months.This is quite a big commitment to make for 12 months and as done in good faith, assuming that the prices will not increase significantly.
So if I leave my contract now my understanding is I lose all the money I had pumped into LRS - which hardly seems fair.
So I currently have two options: I can either leave and lose the money I pumped into LRS, or stay and have my bills go up above what has been (tightly) budgeted for. Are there any other options I'm missing?
To me this seems like the equivalent of increasing the prices without offering the user a chance to leave the contract - in this instance I think a pro-rata refund would be justified as otherwise it is simply not fair.
Please let me know your thoughts

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Re: Price increases and line rental saver

Hi Steve,
You have been unfortunate in that the prices have gone up shortly after signing into a new contract, meaning that the phone might be more expensive down the line.
My best suggestion would be to contact our Customer Options team 12 months in, and see if the current contract is still the best they can offer you.
Sorry for the inconvenience it's caused to you.
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