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Poor customer service issue - please help

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Poor customer service issue - please help

Yesterday I identified a problem with Plusnet's network (see,91565.0.html )  and I called the technical support line to get this raised.
After waiting 10 minutes on the 0845 number to get through, I finally spoke to a guy called Mark who had no idea how to escalate the issue and stuck me on hold for about 15 mins and still could not resolve the issue and left me with no other solution than to post on the forums.
I did this and a really helpful member of staff called  Chris Parr got the problem fixed with YOUR network.
This all took an hour and a quarter of my time to persuade your team to investigate it, plus the expensive phone call charge.
I asked the following points in the above mentioned thread and I am now just being ignored - not good customer service.
"All I am asking is for one months service charge credit to cover these costs, i should not have to pay to report problems with your network."
The only reply I got was " We don't generally reimburse calls to our support line if I'm being honest, however if you're with Plusnet homephone then calls to our support line are free, BT I believe give free calls to 0845 numbers on most tariffs as do some other providers."
(I am not a plusnet home phone customer, nor a BT customer so my calls to that line are at the most expensive rate going.)
I feel you should make an exception in this particular case as the issue was a problem with your network, which it has taken an hour and a quarter of my time to help you resolve
and the customer service agent was not trained sufficiently in knowing where to escalate this problem to and not resolving the issue after leaving me on hold for 15 mins ( that does not include the 10 min wait to get through).
I hope you will now go back and help Mark to know how to escalate this properly in the future and may be improve the support wizard to have a category for suspected routing issues.
So you may have finally dealt with the actual technical issue, but it appears you have taken a "Job done" attitude towards this.
A) I am left feeling unhappy about being down time and money
B) No commitment given to going back and improving customer service training
C) No commitment to improve the support wizard so that these issues can go straight to an appropriate team who know how to deal with these issues
I was just beginning to believe that plusnet did believe in good old fashioned customer service - leave the customer feeling valued.
but it appears not  Sad - Hopefully Adam can restore my faith in the company.
If you don't want to reimburse customers for reporting problems with plusnet equipment, you should change the number to an 03 number so we don't get have to pay silly rates in the first place!
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Re: Poor customer service issue - please help

You've already got a thread going here try and keep your comments in that one.

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