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Pondering whether to renew Line Rental Saver

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Pondering whether to renew Line Rental Saver

Hi all.

My Advance Line rental ends soon but my broadband contract continues for another 6 months. If I renew the line rental saver, I would lose 6 months worth if I don't get a good broadband renewal from Plusnet and move to another provider. Then again, if I don't renew the line rental saver and do get a good deal with Plusnet for broadband, then I've lost £15 (I'd pay 6 months full rental at £18.99 instead of the line saver £16.49 per month).

So my question is, how good is Plusnet at offering really good renewal deals, to retain their customers? I was previously with BT (for ever!) and when I called them quoting a Plusnets offer for new customers, all they offered was a £6 discount. So I walked and decided then that I'd shop around ever time I renewed. However, I've been caught out by the differing rental/broadband contract lengths.

Perhaps £15 is worth giving up now, rather than losing £98.96 (6 months X £16.49) in case Plusnet don't offer a good retaining deal and I move as a 'new customer' elsewhere - back to BT maybe?


Actually, I think I've made up my own mind, now that I've written this but what would you do? Has anyone any experience of Plusnets renewal offers?


Opinions gratefully received.



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Re: Pondering whether to renew Line Rental Saver

Try ringing Customer Options Team on 0800 013 2632 selecting option 1 then option 2 (If you are thinking of leaving). They may offer a good if you recontract.

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Re: Pondering whether to renew Line Rental Saver

In same predicament, Line rental due but 6months still to go on contract due to renewing for 18months last time.

I have not had a problem with renewing going through customer retentions  and been with plusnet since 2005, but I do wonder if my luck will continue as we all know companies are not always willing to offer old customers the best offer.

I personally am going to leave renewing my advanced Line rental  until I speak with customer retentions in about 4 months. You apparently save about £30 a year with current rates, so It will cost me about £15 to wait which is a lot less then losing the 8months paid in advance line rental should plusnet not offer a good deal.

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Re: Pondering whether to renew Line Rental Saver

My LRS was due for renewal but phone etc had 6 months to run as previous year I was offered an excellent deal for 18 month contract.

When I phoned up late last year I mentioned that the renewals were out of sync and the call centre operator said if I signed up for another year he would cancel the next 6 months and all would run for a year. Even though the deal was not quite as good as the previous one it was good enough.


So my advice is ring and ask you might be lucky like I was.







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Re: Pondering whether to renew Line Rental Saver

Thanks everyone.


Yes 'LifeOnMars' you are in exactly my position. I think I'll do the same as you - don't renew the rental saver and see what's offered come broadband renewal time. The worst I lose is £15.