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Plusnet won't let me leave

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Registered: ‎07-04-2020

Plusnet won't let me leave

Has anyone successfully managed to leave Plusnet?

I've tried calling dozens of times, but every time they have either not picked up, hung up upon picking up, or hung up as soon as I have explained that I have cancelled my broadband service. I've tried cancelling by post, but this has also been ignored so far and I keep receiving payment reminders. The policy of having no customer support email is incredibly frustrating, as its obvious sole purpose it to make it impossible for the customer to keep any kind of written record of communication. Online chat hasn't worked for weeks - does anyone know of another way to contact Plusnet?

I've instructed my bank to cancel all future payments (I'm long past the end of my contract), and I've notified Plusnet of this over the phone and in writing, so legally I'm fine, but I just want to stop getting these payment reminders. 

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Registered: ‎04-04-2020

Re: Plusnet won't let me leave

I'm having the same issue. I let them know in writing that I'd like to leave. They let me know they received my letter on the 9th of March and that they'd reply to me within 10 working days. Still nothing. I've cancelled my direct debit for now, as I won't be paying for a service I'm not using. I have tried calling, but like you, all I got was "Hello? I can't hear you!" 

I completely agree with you about them having no customer support email. Even in Ofcom's General Condition C7, which plusnet apparently abides by, section C7.5 states we should have the ability terminate the contract via email. And especially, "without unreasonable effort".

I'm at the point where I'm ready to make a formal complaint.