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Plusnet scam ?

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Plusnet scam ?

Good morning, recently a new scam has appeared, what are plusnet up to 🤔, they don’t send bills anymore, don’t take monthly payments, and won’t tell me how much I’m actually paying for my service. Then, suddenly they will empty my bank account with random amounts of money adding up to nearly twice what I owe. This happened from December to March, and now seems to be happening again. Then after numerous calls and getting empty promises of it being rectified I may get the most insulting email I’ve ever seen. “ Congratulations you’re due a refund” the email starts off, not “ we’re sorry for taking money out of your bank leaving you unable to pay your rent this month” like it should be ! It’s truly awful, and it’s not just me it’s happening to having spoken with other customers, what have you to say plusnet?
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Re: Plusnet scam ?

I don't think that it's a deliberate scam, just incompetence.

They just seem to be going hell bent on getting a bigger fine than last time.,000

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Re: Plusnet scam ?

Hi @Ibaile2,


Thanks for getting in touch.

I'm sorry that you had the billing issue, it wasn't ideal however there was a system issue that led to problems for some accounts. I'm pleased this appears to have been resolved for you. Please accept our apologies for the delay in getting this rectified for you.


With regards to the message advising of the refund, I appreciate this could have been worded better. This was automated so could not be amended however I see how it may have been deemed inappropriate given the circumstances of the refund. Your feedback has been noted and passed on as a suggestion for improvement.

If you need anything further, please let us know.


Thanks - LF