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Plusnet's Best Price, but is it?

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Plusnet's Best Price, but is it?

I have two Plusnet accounts both Unlimited Fibre Extra, one due for renewal on the 8th April and the other the 26th April.

Each of the email's I've had about 'Your Plusnet service' both contain a "Here is your best price ..." section. On the email for the 8th renewal the best price is 24.99 pm with a 12 month contract but for the 26th it's 24.99 on an 18 month contract!

Could someone explain the rationale behind this please?


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Re: Plusnet's Best Price, but is it?

The new billing system has a random offer generator based on tides and moon phase.
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Re: Plusnet's Best Price, but is it?


Most definitely not!

Go onto a price comparison site and find a cheap competitive price for the same service. Then ring the customer options team and select the I’m thinking of leaving option. Then haggle quoting the competitors price.

From memory I got a deal about £8 a month cheaper than the silly email special offer that I had received!


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