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Plusnet ignore cancellation

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Plusnet ignore cancellation

My 12 month contract ended on 21.05.16 . I contacted Plusnet on phone to find out my new payments if I renewed, I was not happy with new amount so instructed Plusnet that I did not want to renew. I cancelled my dd as a safe guard as I have had problems before with money continued to be taken. Plusnet are now badgering me for payments but as far as I am concerned I have no contract to be held responsible for. However Plusnet seem to think if they ignore your instructions and do not close your account they can tie you to new contracts. Any one else had similar problems or is this going to have to be decided in the courts.
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Re: Plusnet ignore cancellation

Did you really advise that you wanted to cease the service and not migrate to another supplier thereby catching the £30 cease charge

Or did you say that you were not prepared to accept the new offer which by inference would leave you on a one month rolling contract

Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet ignore cancellation

I've had a look over the account and found the call from 21/05/16 where you spoke to our Customer Options Team, however as this was your billing date the invoice currently outstanding on your account had already been generated and a notification email that we would be taking this payment had gone out in the early hours of the morning.


Although I appreciate during the call you said you'd be cancelling the advisor explained that you could sign up with a new provider and they would take the services over. Later in the call you advised you would sign up a new account in your wife's name for the new customer offer and the advisor explained that if you were happy to lose your telephone number, you could sign a new account up online.


As Oldjim has mentioned, if you did want to fully cancel the account and have the services ceased, there would be a £30 cessation charge and there would also be a loss of service.

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