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Plusnet have cut off my services!

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Plusnet have cut off my services!

So after two months of trying to pay my bills that nobody could take because of an IT issue in billing , Plusnet have finally cut me off and are closing my account! Even though I was assured this wouldn’t happen because the fault was their problem!!
Absolutely disgusted!!! Never have I been treated so badly!!
I’ve noticed today that the bill has finally been generated online but with late payment charges added ! I’m so angry, I feel they should be paying me compensation, not me paying them !
Tried called all day and even left a text for a call back, but as yet Nothing.!!!

Can anyone recommend another service provider?
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Re: Plusnet have cut off my services!


I have no doubt that a Plusnet staffer will come along and put things right.

Failing that then raise a formal complaint, but give them a few hours grace first:

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Re: Plusnet have cut off my services!

Thanks for your time on the phone this afternoon @Neilfrost and I'd like to reiterate my apologies for the back end billing issues which have lead to the closure of your account.

I've just sent you an email on what I've done today, and how we'll be moving forward in terms of getting your services back up and running.

 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds