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Plusnet - goodbye - now refund me.

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Plusnet - goodbye - now refund me.

As a customer of some 14 years Plusnet asked me to update my credit card details. I did.

That was 8 long weeks ago... and ever since then the credit card payment system keeps telling me to update the card but it will not allow me.

Plusnet threatened to cancel my account - so I paid !!! It still remained stuck....3 hours on the phone and I was sent around in circles. They said I had to pay, even though I had paid!

I ended on the phone 3 more times and I ended up paying the same bill 4 times... and I was still being threatened with being cut off.... now I have cancelled my Plusnet and want a refund.... they told em to send them my bank statement.

So Plusnet tell me to WRITE to them.... no emails, no fax, no phone cals... WRITE.... Imagine in this day and age a tech company that won't deal with your issue in a tech manner..... they are the most useless company I have dealt with....  DO NOT USE THEM.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet - goodbye - now refund me.

Sorry to hear about the issues you've had that have caused you.

With regards to the bank statements these can be uploaded to the open ticket on your account by going here


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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team