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Plusnet fail to send cashback email

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Plusnet fail to send cashback email

I switched to Plusnet and my broadband was activated on 14th June 2018. I was happy with the smooth switch over.

However, I was expecting to receive an email within 10 days of activation for me to claim the £75 cashback on a preloaded Mastercard - advertised on moneysavingsexpert (the deal lasted until 19th June). It was this deal that finally hooked me in to switching. I did not receive an email (and no it wasn't in my spam folder). I have tried contacting Plusnet via their online forms and have been patient and polite since first reporting the issue on 30th June, in the hope that it would be resolved quickly. There seems to be no movement and I've requested this to be escalated to a formal complaint but they have haven't responded.

It's a shabby way to deal with new (or old) customers. Has anyone else experienced this issue of Plusnet apparently reneging on cashback deals? My next move will be to contact moneysavingsexpert for help but I am hoping for a resolution before going more public with the complaint.


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Re: Plusnet fail to send cashback email

The first thing here is a question of whether the offer was with Plusnet direct or through another site. If the latter get hold of the other site first.

To be honest this does crop up quite a bit, sometimes it's the email being directed to spam or junk folders, sometimes even auto deleted by spam filters. Others it can be that the system hasn't tracked properly.

Check through the email folders thoroughly, but if it's definately not there and is with pnet direct one of the staff here will likely get the marketing team to chase it up.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet fail to send cashback email

Sorry to hear you've not received your cashback e-mail.

I've responded to the ticket on your account which you can view by going here

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team