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Plusnet email

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Plusnet email

Received an email at 9pm this evening telling me there was a problem with my broadband order and Plusnet were trying to sort it out and would be in touch once it had been sorted. 


There is no problem.


I cancelled the order this morning and received an email from Plusnet confirming the order had been cancelled. I then received a message via the help assistant telling me my 'upfront' payment would be refunded and was also told this on the phone.  


I attach a screenshot of the email I received this evening at 9pm.  Can someone please make sure that the cancellation gets to the correct department? Or that the departments involved all communicate with each other so they know what's going on? 



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Re: Plusnet email

Hi @Whiskerpuss,

After checking your account, I can see that the account is now cancelled. The email you received is due to the order being cancelled. If the cancellation was in error, we would be able to pick up the ticket and replace the order.

I have escalated a ticket on your account to our Billing Team to ensure the refund is processed. You can monitor the progress of the refund here.

Thank you.

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 Lewis G
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