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Plusnet cashback scheme

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Plusnet cashback scheme

Very disappointed that Plusnet will not honour a cheque I had not cashed in time. I had a 2 year contract and they owe me £50. I have been a loyal customer for 5 years and had poor customer service where I was promised I would be contacted about this twice but they also did not ring back twice. Has anyone else experienced this.
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Re: Plusnet cashback scheme

I think it is a "banking" requirement that cheques be cashed within a specified period of time...not PlusNet.. check with your senior customer service person at the bank.

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Re: Plusnet cashback scheme

Hi @marymellor welcome to the community forums.


@marymellor wrote:
Very disappointed that Plusnet will not honour a cheque I had not cashed in time.

Looking at your account I can see we sent the cheque out within 1 month of the offer being taken (Offer taken on 01/09/15, cheque sent on 21/09/15) and the expected delivery date was the following month.


I'm sorry to hear that you did not cash the cheque in time, however we did honour the offer by sending the cheque out to you. Unfortunately cashing the cheque is out of our control as only you would have been able to do this. As Shutter has said, It is not us that put the requirement on cashing the cheque within a specific time frame once receiving it.

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Re: Plusnet cashback scheme

In my banking days it was not unusual for a stale, or out of date cheque (more than six months old) to be reissued by commercial concerns. I must say that, if it's Plusnet being awkward and playing rules is rules, my opinion of them is diminishing. 

However the way banking is done now, I doubt a smallish cheque with a defect would not go through unnoticed.

No one has to agree with my opinion, but in the time I have left a miracle would be nice.