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Plusnet cash back email

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Plusnet cash back email


I have received an email from Plusnet Rewards with the subject line: "Claim your Plusnet Cashback"

The email is pretty much a welcome email then asks me to fill out a form to "redeem your cashback"


I believe the email is genuine, but the thing is... I can't remember there was a cashback offer when I signed up...

I signed up on the 20th April, and the line and broadband was installed and activated on the 1st June.


Was there a cashback offer running at that time? I am on a ADSL2+ service and home phone.


Free money is always good, but I'm not sure if I am eligible, and I don't want to claim if I am not as that would be wrong...

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Community Gaffer
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Re: Plusnet cash back email




I've looked in to this and the email is genuine as you are due cashback on your account. The account was signed up when we had a cashback offer on and it seems you went through the options to select this.

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 Chris Parr
 Plusnet Staff