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Plusnet Worst Provider Ever!!

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Plusnet Worst Provider Ever!!

Hi new to the Forum and i am very agry with the service,

I have been with Plusnet for just over 2 months in total. (the worst 2 months ever)

I applied online to activate my new Broadband and phone package. It took 4 weeks to get them to get thier contracter OpenReach who provide the line to come and do the new phone line install. They delayed the date of this 3 times as "its what Openreach class as Silver Site as its a new build" 5 weeks later when they actually came to install the line the openreach installer said he had never heard of a Silver site. He had already doen 8 installs in the same block of flats so he didnt understand why it took so long for the job to reach him. The phone line was installed and i got no broadband after 2 weeks.  Another OpenReach engineer was sent out to install the phone line again as they had given me the wrong phone number. Broadband worked after three days due to the [-Censored-] router not being to find a channel by itself which is a feature it has built in.

My phone service was cut off after 15 days as it had gone over the credit limit i called them confused as i paid by Direct Debit. Had to pay £75 as Plusnet had not setup the Call packages. They tried telling me it was my fault, i can see from on this forum this is not a random occurance.

I called them up today after reciveing my second bill for £74.81 bill due to Plusnet not assigning my call packages bear in mind this is after already paying the £75 to get my phone working again 15 days before.

On top of this i have received a phone bill from BT for the wrong number they assigned me for £88 pounds from the person who now has the phoneline i was wrongly assigned.

My call today ended with the advisor who was helpful, who agreed if it was him he would be fuming also but couldnt comment other than what he was told to say by his manager that becuase it was an online order they coudlnt possibly make a mistake but he didnt sound convinced and submitted my complaint for someone else to revice after his manager said there is nothing further thaty can be done. I am not arguing that if the calls are made i am liable to pay them but my argument is the bill would have equated to over a quarters worth of usage if they had setup the proper call package as requested.


£149.81 for 1 months phone usage due to negligence is rediculous i had been trying to sort this out with last advisor but this has now made me mad. They said Mr. Webb we sent you an email to tell you had no call packages setup. I think they think people must sit there with thier inboxes open 24 hours a day waiting for an email from them. this is not the case when you have just moved house the last thing im going to remember is to check my emails when i have amillion other things to sort out.


Worst customer services when you have a problem.


Let see if there is a response to this guarunteed it will not be helpful.

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Re: Plusnet Worst Provider Ever!!

Can you step into this thread please @Gandalf

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet Worst Provider Ever!!

Hi there,


Sorry to read of the delays you've had with the provisioning of your service.


In regards to your call package, I've created a ticket on your account with more information. You can view this here:


I hope that helps clarify things.



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 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team