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Plusnet Vs Madasafish

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Plusnet Vs Madasafish

The standard monthly data transfer limit with Madasafish is 5Gb per month,
(I realise that other packages are available from Madasafish giving 20 and 50Gb per month but at an additional cost)
Plusnet, however offers a standard Data Transfer allowance of 10Gb per month, also with unlimited overnight usage between 12mdnt and 08.00 hrs, at a not inconsiderably cheaper cost than I am currently paying.
B.T. (which actually own both Plusnet and Madasafish) also offers a standard 10Gb monthly usage allowance.and again at a similar cost to that which I am currently paying
Why is there this discrepancy for companies under the same ownership providing what is to all intents and purporses the same service -- Does Madasafish intend to increase the standard Monthly Usage Allowance to bring it in to line with Plusnet?  incidentally Plusnet currently are also much cheaper than Madasafish!
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Re: Plusnet Vs Madasafish

Madasafish don't throttle their packages so the nearest comparison is with the £5 Pro addon.
This is the Madasafish prioritising
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