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Plusnet Purecard Reward Card activation

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Plusnet Purecard Reward Card activation

I received the card and like many others followed the instructions - only to find the website on the back of the card led to a 404 error page. Looking on the internet this appears to have been the case for years.

Nevertheless I persevered and found the website log in and followed the links to activate. I never received the activation email. I checked in the junk mail and it wasn’t there.

When I rang the Purecard number given to me by Plusnet (and the Plusnet logo is on the card), I spoke to a man who instead of saying he would insure the activation email was sent out, immediately demanded my phone number and said there was no alternative.

I refused to give my number and said I had given over my email address. I did ask for confirmation in writing that if I handed over my mobile number, it would not be used for any other purpose.

The man then claimed he was handing me over to supervisor ‘Max’ and I hung on. And then, surprise, surprise, I was cut off.

I then rang up Plusnet customer service and spoke to Ryam. Instead of accepting that Plusnet was responsible, he started arguing that Purecard was a ‘third party’ as if the customer had contracted Pure Card and had to deal with Purecard and that Plusnet had to do with it. Nor did he accept that Purecard were wrong in demanding the phone number. Nor did it matter to him that there were many cases on the internet of Plusnet customers being unable to activate their *Plusnet* reward cards.

And he made the analogy that the customer trying to activate the card with the Plusnet logo on it, the card which Plusnet made part of its customer off for signing up, was the same as the customer dealing with a debt collection company contracted by Plusnet!

Of course if Purecard had set up the website correctly with automatic email activation or if Purecard call centre employee had made sure that an activation email reached me, I would not have contacted Plusnet.

But Ryam at Plusnet started dictating that the customer must waste their time with Purecard employees who many would say are not acting correctly and in good faith and would not accept the responsibility of Plusnet.

There has obviously been a problem for many years judging from the internet and Plusnet has made no effort to insure that It’s contractor Purecard fixes its website and sea look s with customers without demanding their phone number.

Meanwhile I am left with an inactivated reward card with a Plusnet logo on it.
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Re: Plusnet Purecard Reward Card activation

I have now spoken to Pure Card supervisor Charlie. As Plusnet are aware there is no one-to-one relationship between the the customer and Pure card. Plusnet entices customers in with the promise of the reward card.

Charlie of Purecard states that Plus net has ‘failed to pass on to Pure Card’ the telephone number which is apparently needed with the email address to trigger the activation email.

It seems very strange that Pure card does not go back then to Plusnet. He says it is all in the terms and conditions when signing up with Plusnet and in the Purecard terms and conditions (but there is no one-to-one relationship between the customer and Purecard). But could not tell me which particular term and condition applies if Plusnet does not send them the information needed. If this was about taking out a credit card with Purecard solely that would be one thing.

But this is about a reward card where Plusnet has already done checks and where Plusnet has contracted Purecard. Nowhere on the Purecard Plusnet registration webpage does it ask for the customer mobile phone number. Obviously there is no direct relationship between the customer and Purecard.

Phoning up Plusnet is hopeless when I get told I have got the same relationship with Plusnet and its sub contractor Purecard as I would have if Plusnet had subcontracted a debt collection company!

****How do I pose a question/issue In writing to Plusnet on this website?****
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet Purecard Reward Card activation

Thanks for contacting us about your cashback or reward card, please check our FAQs for help. If you don’t find what you need then get back in touch

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Re: Plusnet Purecard Reward Card activation

Hello Goldnutmeg,

Have you found a solution yet? If not search for my recent posts (many) with lots of help, email addresses and phone numbers.

Let me know how you get on.....I'm in a similar situation and will not let this drop.

Good luck.