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Plusnet New Billing system issues

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Plusnet New Billing system issues

So i have just got off the phone with the helpline regarding a billing issue i have been having. And have only just been told that plus net seem to be having a new issue with a new system they have implemented.


I moved from ADSL to Fibre in October, a price was agreed with the operator on the phone and once the service was switched over i considered the matter sorted. However checking back a month later when i received my next bill i saw i was still being charged the original price and was still on the previous package, i contacted the helpline and was told i would be refunded the difference and the matter would be resolved.


Fast forward to today and i have had another email notifying me of my bill and once again it is still charging me too much and is still showing the old service. Back on the phone line and i was finally told there is a billing issue not just affecting me. I wasn't given an ETA on when this would be resolved but it seems to have  been going on for months. It looks like ill be paying full price until it is resolved and then ill be refunded the difference. So how long is that going to take? Are we talking about a refund here running into £100s of pounds? Honestly i found the response to the issue to be vague and unconvincing.


  • It seems poor that we cannot be given an ETA on the resolving of this issue.
  • Why must I pay full price? I specifically changed packages to save money. Which I am now not doing.
  • Clearly this is a major issue judging by the amount of posts with people having similar issues. Why not simply roll back to the old system?

I would appreciate a slightly more detailed concrete answer from Plusnet. Other than that ive been very happy with the new fibre service.

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Plusnet New Billing system issues

Hello @YorkshirePud82,


Thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts and feedback on your current situation. After some digging on the account I have created this complaint ticket here for you. Do feel free to reply, just let us know here once you have.